Cutek Extreme CD50 Oil

Cutek Extreme CD50 Oil

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Cutek Extreme CD50 Oil cannot be applied over pre-treated or pre-coated timber unless that timber has been adequately prepared using a Cutek - Step 1 Preparation Product. The original cost-effective workhorse – clear for a natural silver patina or colourtoned to retain the freshly oiled look. Protects from the effects of moisture – minimizes warping, cupping, and splitting

Cutek Extreme CD50 is a high-performance, oil-based wood stabilizer that deeply penetrates timber, highlighting its natural beauty and providing durable protection without flaking or peeling. It is designed for Australian conditions and improves wood's dimensional stability, reducing warping and splitting, while allowing timber to naturally silver over time. It can be used as a clear oil or mixed with one of 16 CUTEK Colourtones to enhance and maintain the freshly oiled natural look or modify the timber colour according to design preferences. Maintenance is quick and easy with no sanding or stripping required.

Brand Cutek
Dimensions Coverage: New hardwoods dressed: 10-20 sqm/litre Old restored timber dressed: 7-9 sqm/litre New timber rough sawn: 7-9 sqm/litre Old restored timber rough sawn: 4-7 sqm/litre Shingles and shakes: 2-5 sqm/litre
Weight 2.5lt – 2.6kg/ 5lt – 5.2kg/ 10lt – 10.2kg
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