Fence Palings

What is fence paling?


A classic timber fence paling is a great option if you are looking to give the best of everything for your treasured home. Our fence palings are designed to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Paling is great for fencing-off larger properties in a cost-effective and engaging way.


Safety & Privacy


Fence paling is constructed by placing palings close together with no gaps or peep-holes, ensuring total privacy and making your home safely out-of-sight from passers-by.


Wind Resistant Design


We are familiar with the unpredictability of Australian weather. So, our treated pine fence palings and hardwood fence palings are engineered to withstand strong winds, providing you with a sturdy and dependable barrier, even against nature’s whims.


Seamless Installation & Easy Repairs


Our fence palings are tailored for DIY projects and built to remain in pristine conditions with minimal effort.




Fence palings are highly customizable. They can be painted, treated, varnished, and cut. You can also add some style to standard fence palings by having them lapped and/or capped.


  •     Lapped: A fence paling with 2 layers of fence palings that overlap each other. This is great for privacy and weather protection and also makes your fence palings look nice and neat.
  •     Capped: A fence paling with a pine capping that runs along the top of the fence. It adds a finished look to fence palings and can protect the top of the fence from vandal damage.


Raises Home Value


A fence paling is one of the features homebuyers are increasingly demanding in a property for various reasons, including the ones listed above – privacy, safety, and appearance. A shoddy, rotting fence will not attract many buyers or may be used as a way to haggle down the price of a property. Hence, a charming paling fence will be very attractive to potential buyers of your property and will raise the monetary value of your property.


PY Timber Warehouse has selling top-quality timber fencing palings for the last 20 years all over Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and country Victoria.