Merbau Posts

What is Merbau Post


Merbau grows in northern Queensland and continues up into Asia. When freshly harvested, Merbau's heartwood is orange-yellow, but later it develops a red-brown colour. Most of the Merbau has a wavy and interlocked grain and is also sealed with a clear coating or lightly stained with a semi-transparent finish. Merbau posts are one of the most preferred timber varieties across Australia. It is the perfect option for areas with heavy foot traffic making it a great choice for decking purposes as well.


Merbau fence posts originates from Instia Bijuga trees. Merrbau is renowned for its exceptional strength, durability, and captivating aesthetics while offering a combination of functionality and beauty.




Merbau hardwood posts are constructed from the heartwood of Merbau trees. The hardwood emphasises the density and strength of the material compared to other softer woods.




Merbau is known for its durability and ability to withstand various conditions. It can withstand cracking, splitting, and shrinkage better than others and can endure harsh temperatures and saltwater pretty well. The Merbau has resistance to both termites and fungal rotting making it an ideal and durable choice.




Merbau, despite its rigidity, responds quite well to hand tools. Merbau can be cut cleanly and responds well to glue, and nails making it easy to use for a variety of projects.




Merabau is mainly used for residential decking and flooring. It is also used for a variety of large-scale construction and engineering projects. Merabau is low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a stiff bristled brush. 


Laminated Merbau posts come in three popular sizes 90 x 90mm, 115 x 115mm and 140 x 140mm Merbau timber in ground durability is very high. PY Timber Warehouse offers all Merbau timber posts at great prices. Delivering in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and country Victoria.