Why to pre-oil your deck!


Experts know that CUTEK® timber oils provide excellent protection while enhancing the wood's natural beauty. These oils penetrate deeply into the wood to repel moisture, maintain its structural integrity, and ensure a long service life. What makes CUTEK® exterior timber oils stand out is their "self-healing" quality. Once applied, the oil remains mobile within the wood, actively driving out moisture to prevent cupping, warping, and splitting, even after being cut or perforated with fasteners. CUTEK® penetrating oils have a 30-year proven track record of withstanding the harshest Australian and international environments.


After application, CUTEK® Extreme CD50 typically requires 2-3 days of dry conditions to allow for complete penetration and an even colour finish, so check your weather forecast beforehand.


New smooth timber exposed to the weather will lighten faster over the first six months after installation than older, rougher timbers over the same period. After six months of weathering, a follow-up application of CUTEK® Extreme CD50 Colourtoned oil will provide better colour and durability as the wood becomes rougher and more pigment-absorbent. Typically, horizontal exterior wood surfaces exposed to full weather, such as pool decks and handrails, will require re-coating more frequently (initially after six months, then annually), while other surfaces, such as vertical rough-sawn cladding, will need re-coating less often.