Fence Capping

What is fence capping?

Fence capping is simply a cover for your fence posts which are placed to offer both decorative and protective values. They are used to protect as well as complement your fence and garden.


What are our fence capping made from?

Our fence capping is made from ethically sourced timbers that last long and look great.


Why is fence capping recommended?

Fence posts form the foundation, the support, and the strength. A fence capping is recommended to protect your fence to stand the test of time. Here’s how timber fence capping can benefit your posts in different ways:


  1. Protection From Harsh Weathers

Sun, wind, rain, and snow can pose a threat to the strength and life of posts, and it’s the top of the fence posts that receive the brunt of these elements. Exposure to such elements can cause timber posts to warp, rot and split, creating problems for the stability of your fence.


Capping fences can be used as a defense against ever-changing weather by preventing water from sitting on top of the posts and being absorbed. With our fence capping you will find your fence lasting longer, looking better, and not demanding much repairs and upkeep.


  1.   Protection From Splinters

Post caps offer protection to homeowners from the fence. Exposure to the sun can cause fence posts to crack and splinter, creating a possibility for injuries. Fence posts caps can avoid this exposure, and in turn, reduce the chance of splinters and injuries.


  1.   Increased Structural Integrity

Fence capping provides additional support and integrity to the overall structure of the fence. It aids in distributing the weight and pressure evenly across the fence posts, reducing the risk of sagging or leaning over time. This is important in areas like Australia with varying weather conditions.


Protect your paling and picket fence with treated pine fence capping. We carry a stock of four timber capping profiles. Single-lipped capping, double-lipped capping, primed treated pine colonial capping, and rebated lattice surround.