Blackbutt Decking

Blackbutt Decking & Its Advantages


Blackbutt is a popular Australian hardwood. They have an even texture with straight grains. Blackbutt decks have a warm blonde to honey-brown colour with slight pinkish hues. They are the best way to add beautiful tones to your space. Blackbutt decking timber is also hard-wearing, making it easy to clean. They are one of the seven hardwood species that are deemed suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas.



Blackbutt decking adds warmth and beauty to your outdoor space. The best thing about blackbutt decks is that their visual appeal lasts very long and requires low maintenance and replacements.  



Blackbutt timber decking is suitable for machining and cutting, making them easy to work with. This property makes blackbutt decks the best choice for intricate designs and structures in the construction industry.



Black butt decking is resistant to termites and showcases exceptional durability. Blackbutt decks fall into class 1 durability rating, which signifies that they boast a remarkable lifespan of 40 years or more.



Blackbutt timber exhibits a good balance between strength and ease of use. The moderate density of blackbutt decks makes it a practical choice for your decking project.



Blackbutt is an environmentally friendly choice for timber products. Additionally, blackbutt decks from PY Timber are sourced from sustainably managed forests. We always make sure to adhere to sustainable forestry and responsible practices.


Carbon Sequestration

When used in construction, blackbutt timbers act like a carbon sink and lock away carbon for an extended period. This helps in reducing the net carbon emissions in the atmosphere.


Minimal Chemical Processing

Australian blackbutt timber decks require only minimal chemical processing during production and end up reducing the release of harmful chemicals. This helps in promoting a healthy atmosphere.


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