Silvertop Ash Decking

Is Silvertop Ash good for decking?


Silvertop ash is a beautiful and functional timber for decking. This native Australian timber flaunts a light blonde colour when oiled and an amazing silver colour when left to grey off. A silvertop ash decking can transform any outdoor space into a serene retreat with its attractive colour and straight grains. Silvertop ash decks are also known for their strength and ability to withstand Australian harsh climates. If you are looking for decking timber that is long-lasting and requires less maintenance, look no further, silvertop ash decks are the one. They are a great choice for both residential and commercial constructions. 


Visual Appeal

Silver top ash decking is popular for its stunning visual appeal. They are beautiful and versatile enough to complement any architectural style. If you are looking to add a touch of sophistication and elegance, silvertop ash decking is the top choice.


Strength & Durability

Silvertop ash decks are resistant to termite attack and decay. They boast longer lifespans even in challenging climates and environments and heavy foot traffic. This also means silvertop ash decking requires lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs. 


Sustainable Sourcing

At PY Timbers, we are committed to providing you with beautiful and durable silvertop ash decks and maintaining a healthy planet. Our silvetop ash decks are sourced from responsibly managed forests and support only eco-friendly practices.


Eco-friendly Choice

Silvertop ash trees grow relatively quickly and are easy to manage responsibly. This helps reduce the environmental impact and is something to feel good about.


BAL29 Rating

Silvertop ash decking qualifies for a BAL rating of 29, making this timber suitable for decking in BAL rated areas.


In conclusion, a silvertop ash deck is a beautiful and durable timber with an array of benefits. Being an eco-friendly choice, silver top ash decks have earned a reputation as a favourite among builders and homeowners. So don't wait! Purchase your silvertop ash decking from PY Timber Warehouse to make a sustainable choice and beautiful outdoor space.