Redgum Posts

What are Redgum Posts 


Redgum posts are hardwood, dense, durable, and versatile which is featured by its light-to-dark red heartwood. Redgum posts are commonly used for cladding, decking, framing, flooring, and furniture making. Some redgum hardwoods are lighter in shade, while others tend to have a darker red tone.


The sapwood of this hardwood can then be distinctly paler in colour and the interlocked grain is moderately coarse.  There are tons of benefits to choosing redgum post such as clean burning, less smoke emission and durability among several others


Redgum fence posts or redgum timber posts are made from the heartwood of various eucalyptus species. Redgum posts offer nature of strength, durability, long-lasting, and appealing for fences.




The redgum posts are durable and it makes them beneficial for not only domestic builds but also commercial and industrial projects.  They have high resistance to rot, decay, and fungal growth. The presence of tannins and extractives within the redgum wood acts as a powerful defence against threats.


Resistance to Elements


Redgum hardwood is not only durable but also resistant to termites. The termites usually destroy a lot of timber. They can also prevent rotting due to surrounding elements such as resist fire, and are recommended in fire-prone regions.


Rigidity and durability


The redgum hardwood has class 1 durability, which is the highest rating possible in hardwood materials. This rating signifies that this hardwood will last for decades. 




The redgum hardwood's red colour is popular and easily entices property owners, occupants, and visitors. Redgum hardwood has a captivating natural beauty making it a popular choice for several projects. It is also known as the low-maintenance beauty.  Due to its natural hues, Redgum hardwood minimises the need for frequent painting or cleaning.