Picket Fence

Turn the cottage core yard of your dreams into reality with our premium range of picket fences. With a wide range of timber fence picket options to choose from, we have something for everyone. Amplify the aesthetic appeal of your spaces with the stunning fence picket range from PY Timber Warehouse and make your property as charming as ever. 


Timeless Elegance

Timber picket fences stand as a testament to charm and invite beauty into your outdoor space. Sustainably sourced, these fences not only radiate natural allure but also echo your commitment to preserving the environment.


Cultural Nostalgia

Picket fences are reminiscent of a peaceful home surrounded by a friendly neighborhood. This cultural connection makes picket fence a great choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wooden fence pickets create a sense of boundary while maintaining a friendly appearance.


Climate Adaptability

Our picket fences are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Picket fences made from weather-resistant materials ensure longevity, making them practical for the ever-changing Australian climate.


Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

Pickets with simple designs, easy-to-follow guide for installation and termite-resistant durable materials are perfectly made to align with your DIY projects and low-maintenance lifestyle. Thereby, allowing you to enjoy their aesthetic benefits without the hassle of constant maintenance.


Customizable Designs

You can choose from an array of versatile designs, heights and finishes to match your individual preferences and the unique characters of your homes, allowing you to add a personalized touch to your space.


Child & Pet Safety

Spaced design of fence pickets can be beneficial in holding children and pets inside the property and providing them with secure premises. Picket fences can provide a safe and enclosed space for outdoor activities, reducing the risk of wandering or accidents. 


Make your timber picket fence look great at low-cost prices. PY Timber Warehouse supplies picket fences in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and country Victoria.