Brush Fencing Panels

What is Brush Fencing?


Brush fence panels are beautiful, versatile, and offer many other benefits as a screening panel. If you are interested in brush fencing panels for your home, or looking to repair or replace your brush fence panels, PY Timber Warehouse is your best choice. Our brush fence panels are made of natural brushwood and provide unending DIY solutions, making them an attractive addition to your space.


Create A Quiet Space

Brush fence panels have excellent sound absorption ability. The thick layers of natural material used in the panels trap and absorb noise. So, if you are considering a small, quiet, and serene space for yourself, brush fence panels are your ideal choice. Our machine-compressed screening panels also add extra privacy to your space as well.


Make A Sustainable Choice

At PY Timber Warehouse, we are proud of our strict adherence to responsible and sustainable sourcing methods. Our Australian-grown and manufactured Maleleuca Broombrush fence panels are obtained from ethical sources.


Choose Durability

Our brush fencing panels are manufactured by machine compression and stitching of brushwood sticks. This results in dense, solid, and durable brush fence panels. We also use heavy-duty galvanised wire to further prolong its longevity. Hence, our brush fencing panels last for about 20-20 years.



You may have noticed that brush fencing panels start to sag after some time. This is because of deteriorated internal support. But our brush fence panels are machine compressed and when installed correctly, will remain upright without zero to little maintenance.


Add A Natural Touch

Brush fence panels have a rustic and natural look that will complement any design and add warmth to your space. They also help in keeping the space cool. 


Easy Installation

Brush fence screening panels are easy to install. This also means they are suitable for DIY projects and cost less. 


Brush or brushwood fence panels perfectly blend in the natural environment. Very popular in coastal areas like Mornington Peninsula and bayside suburbs. We also deliver in Melbourne and the country Victoria.