Hardwood Rails & Plinths

Role Of Hardwood Rails & Plinths In Building A Strong & Durable Fence


Provides Structural Support

Hardwood Rails are attached horizontally to the posts to provide support, connect the vertical posts and distribute weight evenly across the entire structure, especially in areas with varying wind speed and soil conditions. It helps in maintaining the stability and integrity of the fences. Rails also prevent sagging that occurs to fences over time.


Improves Security

A fence with rails attached is more secure, as it reduces the chances of being pushed or pulled down. This is important for fences that are built for security or containment purposes, such as residential or commercial spaces.


Provides Support For Posts

Rails act as a surface for attaching the vertical fencing materials, such as pickets, panels or other elements. This ensures a secure and uniform attachment and will prevent the loosening of individual components or damages.


Mitigation Of Uneven Ground

Hardwood Plinths are installed at the base of the fence, in order to prevent the fence from settling unevenly, especially in areas with slopes or uneven terrains. It gives the fence a neat and tidy look as it fills unsightly gaps and keeps weeds, debris and rubbish from entering your yard.


Protects From Wildlife

Plinths are also helpful in keeping animals from digging under the fence and entering your outdoor space.


Timber fence rails and plinths are very crucial in building a strong and resilient fence. When installed properly, these elements work together to form a fence that can withstand various environmental conditions and stand the test of time.


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