Ironbark Posts

What are Ironbark Posts


Ironbark posts are known for their durability, rigidity, and density making them a perfect choice for feature posts and heavy-duty construction.  Ironbark is one of the finest choices for projects that require exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to the elements.




Ironbark displays a natural beauty and a rich spectrum of warm reddish brown tones with subtle colour variations. Ironbark posts have a rustic and earthy shade which adds a touch of timeless elegance to any project. The ironbark removes the need for regular painting or staining which reduces maintenance needs. 




Ironbark fence posts are the best choice for homeowners and builders. Ironbark fence posts are known for their durability, strength, and resistance to the elements. It has exceptional hardness and density which makes it one of the strongest timbers commercially available. 




Ironbark hardwood posts have exceptional resistance to rot, decay, and insects which provides a life span of several decades. This speciality of ironbark hardwood reduces the need for frequent replacements and minimises waste generation. Also, the use of ironbark hardwood eliminates the need for harsh chemical treatments for frequent maintenance, reducing reliance on potentially harmful products and promoting a more sustainable approach.




Ironbark posts naturally have a low moisture content compared to other hardwoods. This speciality of ironbark posts minimises warping and shrinking, which can occur as the wood dries and loses moisture. The dense fibres of ironbark contribute to its dimensional stability. The structure of ironbark posts helps the wood maintain its shape over time.




Ironbark is one of the hardest and densest commercially available timbers.  It has a dense grain structure that can result in a smooth finish once cut. It can achieve clean and precise cuts with proper tools and techniques. The tight grain structure of ironbark minimises the risk of splintering compared to some softer woods.


Ironbark timber posts are extremely durable, whether you want to use them as your fence posts or for your carport or pergola. You can order any of these sizes: 100 x 100mm, 125 x 125mm, 150 x 150mm, 200 x 200mm, 250 x 250mm, 300 x 300mm, 350 x 350mm and 400 x 400mm, there are also many lengths to choose, from 2.1mtrs up to 7.2mtrs