Transform your outdoor haven with our exquisite range of timber fencing products. As a leading timber fencing suppliers in Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with durability.


Timber Fencing Products for Every Need

Explore various fencing timber products tailored to meet your specific project requirements. From classic picket fencing to robust, treated pine fencing, our vast selection caters to numerous preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for every need.


Sustainably Sourced Timber 

PY Timber Warehouse is committed to sustainability. Our wooden fencing products are milled from legally sourced timber, ensuring durability while contributing to a greener environment.



Premium fencing products always come with a heavy price tag. But at PY Timber Warehouse, you get unbeatable value for money. We derive cost-effective wooden fencing solutions from our stunning range to suit your taste and preferences. Enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and security without compromising on quality.


Online Purchase

Want to buy timber fencing online? Please browse our extensive catalogue, compare our timber fencing products, and make informed decisions with a click. Enjoy a seamless online purchase process with secure payment options and reliable delivery services.