Ironbark Decking

Ironbark is a strong and beautiful timber species that would be perfect for your timber decking project. They hail from the eucalyptus family with rich colour and distinctive grain patterns. They are an excellent option if you’re seeking durability, aesthetics, and sturdiness. Ironbark decking timbers are native to Australia and are known for their exceptional strength and innate resistance to environmental factors like termites, rot, and fire. Their unique texture and grain pattern add charm to the timber's natural beauty. Ironbark timber is also a popular choice for outdoor decking due to its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to elements. 


Strong & Durable

Ironbark timbers are considered to be one of the hardest and most durable ones available throughout Australia. This makes it suitable for decking in places with high foot traffic and harsh climates.


Termite & Fire Resistant

Ironbark timbers are naturally resistant to fire and termites. This makes it a safe option for homes in bushfire zones and commercial buildings. Termite resistance of ironbark decks also increases the longevity of the deck reducing the maintenance and replacement cost.


Easy to Care

Ironbark decking is highly durable and flaunts a uniquely beautiful and naturally weathered look without maintenance. If you are interested in a polished look, ironbark decks should be sealed every 6 months or so depending on the climate.


Sustainable Choice

The Ironbark deck is a responsible and sustainable choice as they are sourced responsibly and ethically. Their long lifespan also minimizes the need for extensive timber purchasing and frequent replacements, making it an eco-friendly choice.



Ironbark decking are suitable for various designs and aesthetic options. They are versatile enough to complement any of your architectural styles or preferences. From rustic charm to modern elegance, ironbark is a great choice for a warm and cosy outdoor space.


PY Timber Warehouse stocks 65 x 19mm, 86 x 19mm and 136 x 19mm. You can buy Ironbark decking timber products in random or set lengths.