Vuetrade Multi Grip Brackets 100mm

Multi Grip Brackets 100mm

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SKU: 145269


  • Versatile connector for general purpose framing
  • Galvanised Sheet Steel G300 Z275 1.0mm thickness
  • Australian Made
  • Complies with AS1720 & AS1684 & AS4600 requirements
  • Building construction. Walls, Roof & Floor Framing, Pergolas, Timber rails, Fence, Joinery
VUETRADE Galvanised Minigrips and Multigrips are general purpose timber framing brackets used for joining two timber members at right angles. These brackets can be used on pergolas, timber rails, fences and general joinery fit-out. VUETRADE Galvanised Minigrips and Multigrips are manufactured from G300 Z275 galvanised steel in 1.0mm thickness.
Brand Vuetrade
Dimensions 100 x 1.0mm
Weight 42gs each
Special Order No
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