About St Mary's House of Welcome


PY Timber Warehouse proudly supports St Mary's House of Welcome by donating meals to service users.


About St Mary’s House of Welcome

St Mary’s House of Welcome is a not-for-profit open access centre in the heart of Melbourne providing basic essential services to people who are sleeping rough, homeless and experiencing poverty, severe and persistent mental health issues, and those who are extremely isolated and socially marginalised.

Many of those who come to St Mary’s House of Welcome for help experience multiple issues such as sleeping rough, drug addiction, poverty, childhood trauma, mental illness, and institutionalization, all of which result in chronic social and health problems.

St Mary’s House of Welcome’s open-door policy means that anyone who needs help can come to the centre for practical assistance. Whether it’s a meal, a shower and a change of clean clothes or other material aid, or more specialist support such as information, referral to access specialist services, legal support and emergency relief, at St Mary’s House of Welcome Homeless, we open our doors to those in need.



Our impact in 2020/2021 Financial Year:

81,174 Filling, tasty and nutritious meals

4,200 Warm showers, toiletries and fresh clothing

550 Support sessions and programs with qualified community workers

17,467 Social inclusion activities such as art/craft, gardening, fishing and wellbeing groups hosted by our volunteers.


St Mary's House of Welcome says PY Timber Warehouse’s contribution will make a big difference!