Screw Shank Paling Coil nails 2.5x57mm

15 Degree Paling Fence Coil Nails 2.5 x 57mm

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SKU: 15 Degree Paling Fence Coil Nails 2.5 x 57mm


  • 15 degree hardened 57mm coil nails
  • 15 degree, 57mm long, 2.5mm thick
  • Electro galvanised nails
  • Screw shank wire collated coils
  • 300 per coil
  • Available in single coils or a box of 9000 (30 coils)
  • For use in pneumatic coil nail guns
  • Variety of brands including Airco, Surefire & A Grade
  • Fencing, Gates, general construction and landscaping work
The 15 Degree Paling Fence Coil Nails are high-quality, durable nails designed specifically for constructing paling fences. These nails come in a coil form, making them compatible with pneumatic nail guns, which allows for quick and efficient installation. The nails have a length of 2.5 x 57mm, making them suitable for securely fastening fence palings to fence rails or posts. Crafted from strong and corrosion-resistant materials, these nails are built to withstand various weather conditions and ensure the longevity of the fence. The 15-degree angle of the nails provides optimal holding power, ensuring that the fence remains stable and secure over time. Whether for professional contractors or DIY enthusiasts, these Paling Fence Coil Nails offer a reliable and convenient solution for building sturdy and visually appealing fences.
Brand PY Building Supplies
Dimensions 2.5 x 57mm
Weight 646gs coil of 200, 20.27kgs box of 9000
Special Order No
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