Anchormark 10g x 60mm Stainless Steel Screw Self Drilling

AnchorMark Stainless Steel Decking Screw 10g x 60mm

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SKU: AnchorMark Stainless Steel Decking Screw 10g x 60mm


  • Anchormark stainless steel decking screws
  • 5.5mm x 60mm long
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Available in a box of 250, 500 or 1000 pc
  • T20 Torx star socket drive sold separately
  • Specialised thread designed to pull the timber tight into the screw for secure join
  • Cleverly designed under head milling ribs ensures head sinks cleanly & easily
  • Self drilling tip eliminating the need to pre drill *
  • Small dome head for clean finish and minimal focus on the fixings
  • Recommended for outdoor use and high corrosion resistance · For best results use 10G EZ-BIT Pre Drilling & Countersink Tool sold separately
  • Hardwood and softwood timbers & decking
  • General building & construction, decks, pergolas, screening, cladding & outdoor living
  • *Must pre drill board ends to prevent splitting
The TX drive allows for optimum torque transmission, a tight and snug fit, and fast centering. The raised countersunk head with milling pockets and small diameter, gives a discreet and subtle appearance and ensures that the head can sink cleanly and easily. The asymmetrical thread enables the screw to feature a reduced drive-in torque, a high overtorque, and makes them easy to screw in. An optimised drilling tip for deck construction allows for quick, easy and safe positioning and installation, as well as reduced splitting of the timber. The stainless steel grade of the screws 304/A2 gives them a high corrosion and weather resistance, increased fracture torque, and makes them suitable for outdoor use and close to water applications. For best results, we recommend pre-drilling and pre-countersinking holes.
Brand AnchorMark
Dimensions 10g x 60mm
Weight Qty 250 1.43kgs, Qty 500 3.15kgs, Qty1000 6.32kgs
Special Order No
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