About St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne


One of Victoria’s most respected health care providers, St Vincent's provides the very best in patient care to people from all walks of life, especially those in need. St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne is known as the people’s hospital, treating more than 57,000 patients a year.

St Vincent’s has long been a leader in medical treatment in Australia – in the 1960s it established Australia’s first Intensive Care Unit, in 2011 it performed the first hand transplant and in 2014 it utilised 3D printing technology to build a new heel to replace a cancerous bone.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s vision is to continue leading the way but also to continue caring for the Victorian community. 


Donating to St Vincent’s Foundation to support the Hospital


St Vincent’s Foundation raises funds to support the vital work of all the St Vincent's hospitals and health services in Victoria.

The generous support of individuals, community groups, staff and businesses enables the Foundation to purchase new medical equipment, drive innovation and research, improve patient health care and educate our new generation of nurses and clinicians.

Ways to be Involved

PY Timber Warehouse has supported St Vincent’s nurses with a generous donation.  Our gift is a way of supporting nurses who have supported our community through the pandemic. 

You can also give support to St Vincent’s Foundation. There are many ways to be involved with St Vincent's. For example:

  • You can share your story, host a fundraising event, volunteer, or make a donation

>>>>  https://www.stvfoundation.org.au/get-involved

  • Donate for support St Vincent's Hospitals across Victoria.

>>>> https://www.stvfoundation.org.au/donate/svhm